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Magma strives to operate under an open governance model that encourages contribution and participation from all interested organizations and developers. Technical decisions are made by technical contributors and a representative Technical Steering Committee, as detailed in the project Technical Charter. The community is committed to diversity, openness, and encouraging new contributors and leaders to rise up.


Technical Steering Committee

The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is comprised of 8 members who are responsible for architectural decisions and making final decisions if the Committers cannot come to an agreement. The TSC will will develop and approve additional governance rules and procedures for the project, as detailed in the Technical Charter.

The exact size and model for the TSC may evolve over time based on the needs and growth of the project, but the governing body will always be committed to openness, diversity and the principle that technical decisions are made by technical contributors.

Any individual may hold multiple roles simultaneously such as being a Maintainer and a member of the TC.

Magma Core Foundation board members

The Governing Board is responsible for strategic direction, business oversight, and business decisions.

Irfan Ghauri

Director of Operations at the OpenAir Interface Software Alliance

Irfan is a critical-thinking, diligent business leader who has a reputation of challenging the status quo for innovation and progress. He is a rampart against the dark forces of inertia and fear of change. His tremendously international exposure and diverse educational background and professional experience have helped him develop strategic thinking. Innovation and Entrepreneurship are his key focus.. His current areas of interest and expertise are New Business Models in the changing Telecom arena, and Organizational and Social Change that is coming about due to large scale connectivity and digitalization.

Marc Meunier

Director of Ecosystem Development at Arm

Marc is part of the Software Ecosystem Development team at Arm, managing projects with partners in the field of security and networking.

Douglas Knisely

Principal Engineer at Qualcomm

Doug is a seasoned thought leader in the Wireless Telecommunications Industry and is globally recognized for his experience as a specialist in standardization of radio access technology. Currently Principal Engineer at Qualcomm and Standarization Delegate at several standardization fora representing his organization, he was formerly VP of Technology at Airvana and prior to that a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs. Doug is currently serving as a delegate at the O-RAN Alliance where he is one of the most influential voices encouraging joint efforts towards defining an open Radio Access Network architecture. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance especially in standards and all aspects of open source dealing with standardized technology. Doug is board member at the OSA representing QUALCOMM.

Mark Collier

Chief Operating Officer at the Open Infrastructure Foundation

Mark has been lucky enough to participate in many disruptive technology shifts, from the introduction of the first GPUs at Dell in the 90s as a product manager, to the digital music/MP3 transition at Musicmatch as Director of Business Development. After Yahoo! acquired Musicmatch, combining the #1 streaming radio service with the #1 digital music app, Mark served as Sr Director, establishing strategic partnerships for one of the first on demand streaming music services. In 2009, Mark joined Rackspace, an early pioneer in cloud computing, as VP of Business Development, focused on building their cloud ecosystem. In 2010, to accelerate the cloud ecosystem’s development, Mark co-founded a new open source cloud computing project called OpenStack, in partnership with NASA and 25 other organizations globally. OpenStack quickly became one of the fastest growing open source projects in history. In 2012, Mark co-founded the Open Infrastructure Foundation to manage the growth of the project, where he now serves at the COO. Today, OpenStack is one of the 3 most actively developed open source projects in the world, along with the Linux kernel and Chromium.

Mark is now helping to expand and evolve the Open Infrastructure Foundation’s mission, bringing the unique open collaboration method established by the OpenStack community to many new open source projects across the cloud infrastructure market, including Kata Containers, the Zuul CI/CD platform, the StarlingX edge computing platform, and Airship.

Azhar Sayeed

Senior Director, Technology, Architecture & Strategy at Red Hat

Azhar Sayeed is currently at Red Hat Inc., as a Senior Director driving their Telecom Architectures and solutions with Kubernetes, OpenStack, SDN, NFV and DC Orchestration. Prior to Red Hat, Azhar is a 17 year veteran of Cisco Systems Inc. His last responsibility there was a Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering. Azhar was responsible for developing System Architectures, developing and delivering Cloud based solutions and bringing them to market as whole offers for SPs.

Azhar has also actively contributed to the industry adoption of cutting-edge technologies. He is an active participant and a contributor to the open source community and industry forums such as XGVela, Anuket (formerly OPNFV) etc. His interests are in the area of Cloud Architectures, OpenStack, SDN, Virtualization, Data Center Networking and Mobile Networks.

Azhar is the co-author of a book and has 9 patents in the space of Network protocols and several published papers.

Aswin Alexander

Technical Program Manager at Meta Connectivity

Aswin is a Technical Program Manager at Meta connectivity, supporting the Magma Core Foundation and the Magma’s evolution to a community led ecosystem. Aswin brings a range of cellular and telco experience from his experiences at Loon, Android Things, Essential, Apple and Qualcomm.

Maximilian Huber

Principal Consultant at TNG, TSC Chair

Maximilian Huber graduated in Mathematics with an M.Sc. at the University of Augsburg and is now a Principal Consultant at TNG with nearly seven years of development and steering experience in larger, foundation-driven, Open Source projects. He has already been a committer, maintainer and Steering Committee member in Eclipse and Linux Foundation projects. In his work, he has collected a lot of expert knowledge in license compliance, OSS communities, OSS governance and OSS ecosystems. He is a strong believer in Open Source and uses every chance to advocate for more openness.

Raphael Defosseux

DevOps Expert at OpenAir Interface

Raphaël graduated in 1996 from the École Supérieure d’Électricité with a Masters degree in Electronics and Signal Processing. He started his career as a Hardware designer for different companies in France and the USA. He was introduced to 3G Wireless world by designing Viterbi/Turbo Decoder accelerators. He has been working in Software Development for more than 10 years both in corporate and startup environments fulfilling many roles ranging from customer requirement gathering, specification, coding, testing, formal releases and maintenance tasks. He strongly believes that code quality and proper work methodology are key to success, even for a personal SW project. Raphaël is the Continuous Integration and Work Methodology expert at the OSA.

Govindarajan Mohandoss

Software Engineer at Arm

Govindarajan Mohandoss is a software engineer at Arm open-source Networking group. He has 18+ years of experience in Networking software design and development for routers, switches, and wireless base stations. He started working on enabling Magma on Arm architecture since 2021. He also works on other open-source projects like VPP and ODP.

Joey Padden

CTO and Co-Founder at FreedomFi

Joey Padden is CTO and Co-Founder of FreedomFi where he leads the technical team responsible for many of the largest commercial Magma LTE deployments. Joey is a full-stack wireless engineering with 15+ years of industry experience, including hands-on expertise building Wi-Fi and 3GPP based networks. Throughout his career, Joey has participated as a contributing member and working group chair in standards groups across wired and wireless technologies including 3GPP, WFA, TIP, O-RAN, and DOCSIS. Joey holds an MSEE from University of Colorado and is a named inventor on over 20 US patents in the telecom space.

Nick Yurchenko

Data Path Engineer at Meta

Nick graduated from George Washington University in 2019 with a BS degree in Computer Science. He worked as an undergraduate researcher for a NFV platform(onvm) for 3 years at his university. Nick interned at Magma and rejoined the team later as a full time datapath engineer. He is passionate about improving and stabilizing the datapath and likes exploring new networking tech.

Shruti Sanadhya

Engineer at Meta

Shruti Sanadhya has been working on the Magma project for over 4 years with a focus on the MME service on Magma Access Gateway. She led the Converged MME effort to align MME service across Magma and OAI core, and facilitated creation of the Magma open source project. She has been supporting the design and development of multiple features, such as Stateless MME, 5G NSA, X2 handover, Inbound Roaming, among others.

Shubham Tatvamasi

DevOps Engineer at MCF

Shubham Tatvamasi is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). Presently, he is working at the Magma Core Foundation as a DevOps engineer. Prior to that, he was a Research Associate at the University of Delhi, researching on the 5G Super Blueprint. He has several years of experience in Open-source, research, and Cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, and OpenStack). He is actively involved in community-building, knowledge-sharing and inspiring others to pursue a career in Cloud-native technologies. Furthermore, he created the Magma India Meetup group for collaboration and to help developers learn and contribute to the telco cloud.

Yogesh Pandey

Associate Technical Director at Wavelabs

Yogesh Pandey started carrier in datacom domain and have contributed towards development of networking protocols and integrating stack on various platforms. Have experience working on the mobile backhaul solutions and LTE stack for the picocells. Involved with magma community for almost 2 years & contributed towards AGW modules like AMF, sessiond and pipelined targeting for the 5G SA solutions. Having an industry experience of around 16+ years.

Maximilian Huber

Principal Consultant at TNG, TSC Chair

Maximilian Huber graduated in Mathematics with an M.Sc. at the University of Augsburg and is now a Principal Consultant at TNG with nearly seven years of development and steering experience in larger, foundation-driven, Open Source projects. He has already been a committer, maintainer and Steering Committee member in Eclipse and Linux Foundation projects. In his work, he has collected a lot of expert knowledge in license compliance, OSS communities, OSS governance and OSS ecosystems. He is a strong believer in Open Source and uses every chance to advocate for more openness.

Allison Price

Director of Marketing & Community at the Open Infrastructure Foundation, Outreach Committee Chair

Allison runs Marketing and Community at the OpenInfra Foundation. For eight years, she’s been collaborating with global open source communities, learning from operators running the projects in production, meeting the developers building the software and telling their stories for the world to learn from.lin

Pratik Das

Staff Manager, Technical Marketing at Qualcomm

Pratik Das is a Staff Manager in Technical Marketing at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. He works with 5G infrastructure topics like private networks, vRAN, open RAN, multi-access edge compute, industrial IoT, and 5G in unlicensed spectrum. Prior to marketing, Pratik had 15 years of cellular networking experience in wireless R&D, technical sales, network design, operations, and maintenance. Pratik has a PhD in electrical engineering from The University of Newcastle in Australia and a bachelor’s degree in information engineering from Massey University in New Zealand.

Jeff Hodge

Vapor IO

Lisa Caywood

Principal Community Architect at Red Hat

Lisa Caywood is a Principal Community Architect at Red Hat, focusing on projects and communities of interest to the telco and manufacturing industries. She serves as the Red Hat representative on the LF Edge Board and Magmacore Outreach Committee. She has a long history with Linux Foundation networking and telco communities, starting with OpenDaylight while with a founding member company, and later serving as Marketing Director for LF Networking and LF Edge while at the Linux Foundation itself.

Adry Elmilady

Product Marketing Manager at Meta

Adry leads product marketing activities for 5G edge architectures at Meta Platforms. Prior to Meta, Adry was Samsung Networks’ Technology Partnerships head for North America and Europe. Before Samsung, he held a variety of leadership roles in engineering, product marketing, partnerships, and business development at Qualcomm and Nokia Networks. Adry received an MSEE degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from UC Berkeley.