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Deploy Magma

Deploy Magma with an implementation partner

The Magma Core Foundation works with top System Integrators and Value-Added Resellers that deploy Magma across the world in a plethora of network scenarios.

Decentralized Wireless

Magma provides a new way to incentive users to create their own peer to peer networks that provide cellular network infrastructure by offering cryptocurrency rewards. These decentralized wireless networks are used to offload cellular traffic from existing carriers.

Available implementation partners


Magma can deliver fast and affordable internet to rural areas through integration with satellite operators while protecting the existing core. Magma supports the key services and integrations required for these networks while enabling easy scalability and RAN integration.

Available implementation partners


Leverage Magma to deploy your 5G SA and NSA network regardless of your RAN equipment. The software-centric and distributed architecture allow you to expand your network at a fraction of the cost of other 5G-enabled cores.

Available implementation partners