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Deploy Magma / Pollen Mobile

Pollen Mobile

The world’s first decentralized mobile network that’s built on the blockchain and owned and operated by its users.

Enabling off-road

Pollen started as an in-house connectivity solution for’s off-road autonomous vehicle technology. After finding existing solutions to be overpriced and cumbersome, the Pronto team decided to build their own network utilizing CBRS technology. The result was a network that worked better at a significantly lower cost than what legacy carriers were offering, and Pollen was born.

Owned and operated
by the Pollen

By utilizing Magma, blockchain, and other open source technologies, Pollen is empowering its user community to build, own, and operate a next-generation mobile network. Designed around the values of freedom, privacy, anonymity, decentralization, and transparency, Pollen aims to offer a simpler, more affordable alternative to existing phone companies.

Development roadmap

Phase I

Network Launch

Phase II

Data Payments Go Live

Phase III

eDAO Ownership

Flowers, Bumblebees, and Hummingbird eSIMs go on sale

Data Credits priced at USD $0.50/GB

The Pollen Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization takes ownership of the network

All users begin earning PollenCoin

All network services are migrated to the blockchain

Hummingbirds and Bumblebees receive free, unlimited data

Open source protocols are published

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