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What is the Magma Core Foundation?

The Magma Core Foundation is the organization that oversees the Magma open source project. In February 2021, the Magma Core Foundation joined the Linux Foundation. Like other projects under Linux Foundation, this project is funded through membership dues and contributed engineering resources.

Development roles


Anyone can become a Contributor by submitting code to the project and having that code accepted through the project’s review process. A Contributor is someone who has had code merged within the last 12 months. Contributors have access to propose and review code but not merge the code into repos of the project.


A Committer has the ability to merge code into the project. Committers are active Contributors and participants in the project. In order to become a Committer, you must be nominated and approved by the established Committers. Within the project, sub-components may decide to have additional requirements for the review of code in their repos.

How to get started

Developer onboarding


Step 1

Setup your dev environment

Step 2

Install Magma locally

Step 3

Complete a starter project

Developer resources


View our documentation for the quick start guide, technical architecture, upgrades, and more.

Source code

Visit our Github page for access to our open source repository.

Magma Core Foundation

The Magma Core Foundation is the organization that oversees the Magma open source project. Individuals or organizations join the Magma Core Foundation because they want to take an active role in supporting the growth and evolution of the Magma project and it’s community.

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Talk with active developers through our Slack channels

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View our calendar of weekly events to help shape the future of Magma