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Magma Developers Conference Videos

By February 11, 2021May 2nd, 2022No Comments

We had over 580 people join us from 58 countries around the world on February 3rd for the Mamga Developer’s Conference. We are pleased to announce that videos of each session from the event are now posted.

Opening Keynote
Yael Maguire, Facebook Connectivity

Shah, Jonathan, Irfan and Arpit discuss Magma joining Linux Foundation
Shah Rahmann, Facebook Connectivity
Jonathan Bryce, OpenInfra Foundation
Irfan Ghauri, OpenAirInterface Software Alliance / Eurcom
Arpit Joshipra, Linux Foundation

Magma Community Project Evolution
Shah Rahman, Facebook Connectivity

Democratizing Cellular Access with Anycell
Sylvia Ratnasamy, U.C. Berkeley

Magma Abstractions and Interfaces: A Systems Approach to Access Networks
Ulas Kozat, Facebook Connectivity

Magma User Story: WiConnect
Jesse Raasch, Baicells, Inc

Spectrum Innovation Building Blocks
Jim Mains, Shoelace Wireless
Sascha Dech, Deutsche Telekom

Magma 5G Demo
Mansoor Khan, Wavelabs Inc.
Narendra Dhara, ACL Digital

Magma on Arm – porting and best practices
Augustine Phillips, Arm
Allaukik Abhishek, Arm

MagmaML: Towards Automated Management for Low-resource 5G Cellular Network Deployments
Rahman Doost-Mohammady, Rice University

OpenAirInterface Software Alliance contributions to Magma
Mohit Vyas Open Air Interface Software Alliance / Eurcom
Raphael Defosseux, Open Air Interface Software Alliance / Eurcom

Opportunities for Urban Cooperative Cellular Networks
Kurtis Heimerl, University of Washington

Tribal Spectrum to Tribal Networks: Magma Enabling Tribes to Control Their Internet Access Future
Mariel Triggs, Muralnet
Phil Fowler reppresenting Bishop Paiute IT
Art Heffern, CEO, i9Technologies
Bruce Ponce, Bishop Paiute
Filmaking by:
Mariah David, Big Pine Paiute/Apache representing Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Tribe
Jesse Archer, Big Pine Paiute representing Lone Pine Paiute Shoshone Tribe

Using Magma and Helium Blockchain to Build The World’s First People’s Neutral Host Network
Boris Renski, FreedomFi
Mark Phillips, Helium Systems

Magma Cloud Deployment on AWS
Sigit Priyanggoro, Amazon Web Services
Sudhi Kandi, Facebook Connectivity
Rabi Abdel, Amazon Web Services

Magma Development Roadmaps
Amar Padmanabhan, Facebook Connectivity