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Magma v1.6 Release Outlook

By May 7, 2021May 2nd, 2022No Comments

Following a successful v1.5 release, the stage has been set for further work to continue to grow the platform, add to the feature set and expand support to new use-cases.

The 1.5 release was significant for a couple of reasons:

  1. Ubuntu became the default distribution and with that a kernel upgrade to version 5.4
  2. Inbound roaming and Intra-AGW S1 Mobility were enabled in this release
  3. Other notable network restriction features enabled included IMEI and PLMN restriction via simple configuration

The next release (v1.6), targeted for the end of the half will represent a major move forward towards the growth, maturity and enrichment of the Magma platform and community. The planned work is organized into the following themes and focus areas. The details are available publicly in Zenhub.

Accessing the work streams in Zenhub

  • Zenhub is Magma’s Project Management tool of choice for managing roadmaps, sprints and general execution
  • Zenhub requires users to have Github accounts to access the Magma workspaces
  • Once logged in, head over to the top-level workspace roadmap to access an overview of all ongoing work for the quarter.
    • An aggregate view of all ongoing projects have been outlined in Epics along the lines of the themes listed above
    • Epics in Zenhub comprise of a set of related issues that constitute the goal of the epic
  • Zenhub offers additional tooling and features for better visibility into planned work during the sprints, development velocity and story point estimates